Welcome to Discovery Class

We are a year 3/4 class taught by Mrs Samuel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Mrs Tanya Robinson on Thursday, Friday.  We are supported by Mr Nicholson and have our IT taught by Mrs Slade on a Wednesday.
This term, in Discovery, our topic is Romans Rule.  We began our topic with a wonderful WOW day, where we undertook a number of different activities in mixed aged groups. We learnt a Roman song 'Just like a Roman', made Roman Numerals using strawberry laces and made Roman cheesecake. It was a great start and we are all really keen to start exploring our topic more over the coming weeks.  We will be learning about what the Romans did for us and how they have impacted on our modern-day Britain. 
In English we are using the book 'Escape from Pompeii' to inspire our writing.  We have really enjoyed creating freeze frames to explore different parts of the story.


We created an erupting volcano to launch our new English unit on 'Escape from Pompeii'.
We made edible Roman Roads.