Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1
Maths: Place value, column addition and column subtraction
English: Narrative writing 
Art: Sketching and drawing
PE: Gymnastics
RE:  What do Christians believe about Agape?
Science: Animals including humans 
History: Stone Age to Iron Age
Autumn 2 
Maths: Measure and Rounding 
English: Newspaper writing and non-chronological Reports
DT: Structures - Pavillions
PE: Gymnastics
Music: Let your spirit fly
RE: What do Christians believe about Agape?
French: Greetings
Geography: The UK
Spring 1
Maths: Multiplication and Division
English: Narrative writing 
Art: Painting and Texture
PE: Circuits and Swimming 
RE:  What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?
Science: Plants 
History: Ancient Egyptians
Summer 1
Maths: Shape, Co-ordinates
English: Narrative writing based on Myths and Legends
Art: Craft 
PE: Tennis
RE:  Humanism and other world views
Geography: Rainforests
Music: Samba
French: Adjectives