Policies, Inspections and Performance

Acceptable Use Policy May 2020.pdf
Accessibility Policy March 2023.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy May 2023.pdf
Attendance Policy October 2023.pdf
Behaviour Principles Statement September 2022.pdf
CCTV Policy November 2021.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy September 2023.pdf
Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy September 2022.pdf
Collective Worship Policy February 2022.pdf
Complaints Policy November 2022.pdf
Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing) September 2022.pdf
Data Protection and FoI Policy March 2023.pdf
Designated teacher policy (looked-after and previously looked-after children) September 2022.pdf
Designated teacher policy (looked-after and previously looked-after children) September 2022.pdf
Digital Images Policy January 2024.pdf
Draft Behaviour Policy On A Page May 2023.pdf
Equality Policy and Objectives January 2021.pdf
First Aid Policy February 2022.pdf
FoI Publication Scheme and Explanatory Note 2021.pdf
Forest School Policy.pdf
Governors' Statement of Behaviour Principles March 2024.pdf
Health and Safety Policy November 2020.docx
Homework Policy February 2022.pdf
Intimate Care Policy November 2023.pdf
Low Level Concerns Policy February 2022.pdf
Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy.pdf
Medical Policy March 2022.pdf
Postive Relationship and Behaviour Policy May 2023.pdf
Online Safety January 2024.pdf
Privacy notice for younger learners.pdf
Privacy Notice Governors Maintained Sept 2021 (1).pdf
Privacy Notice Pupils and Parents Maintained Sept 2021.pdf
Privacy Notice Recruitment Maintained Sept 2021.pdf
Privacy Notice Volunteer Sept 2021.pdf
Privacy Notice Workforce Maintained Sept 2021 (1).pdf
RSHE Policy.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2023.pdf
SEND Policy January 2024.pdf
SEND Information Report January 2024.pdf
Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy September 2022.pdf
Wraparound Care Policy April 2023.pdf