Parent Family Support Assistant (PFSA)


Introducing Victoria Gould, our PFSA

My name is Victoria and I am the PFSA for the HUISH CLP schools.

I am married and have two children aged 11 and 9..

I have previously been a family support worker, Nursery Nurse and also an Assistant practitioner with the health visiting service, so I have a wide range of knowledge across all age groups.


What is the role of a Parent & Family Support Adviser?

If you need advice, support and guidance on any issues affecting your child and family, or your school, then a Parent and Family Support Advisor can help.


Parenting is not an easy job and sometimes things can get tough. I am here to listen to you, without judging, and to support you through challenging times.

I am here to….

  •        Impartially support families and young people to enable our children to gain maximum benefits from their education.
  •        Work in partnership with families and their schools to help our children reach their full potential
  •        Work closely with other Professionals where necessary or to direct you to other services which may be useful
  •        Be there to work with and support you and your child if you are experiencing difficulties

All families go through difficult times.  This can affect children’s ability to do well at school.

 I can help you by advising and working with you on issues such as:

  •        Building a partnership between home and School
  •        Supporting Children in school by providing sessions to focus on their difficulties.
  •        Behaviour (in and out of school)
  •        Parenting Concerns
  •        Family Issues
  •        Emotional/Mental Wellbeing
  •        Confidence building
  •        Attendance at School/School Anxiety
  •        Feeling Isolated
  •        Support for parents/carers who want to go back to work or education
  •        Finance/housing.
  •        Arranging and attending meetings.

Referrals are made through your school’s head teacher or SENCO.