The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) school are a group of volunteers; we give our time freely to make sure that the children enjoy a range of activities. We also raise funds for those “non-essential” but really necessary items that help to make learning fun.
We are the ones who:
•    Organise and run  annual school discos
•    Organise and run the Summer Fairs
•    Organise and serve the children their Christmas lunch
•    Make sure that the Year 6’s have a special celebration at the end of the year
•    Organise the end of term BBQ
We are the ones who:
•    Donate book bags for all the new children every year
•    Arrange and purchase year book for all Yr6 students
•    Raise money for new/replacement equipment, for example we funded; 
  • Ipads
  • Walkie Talkie for Forest School
  • Interactive Screens
  • Books
  • Christmas lunch
We also buy in all the stock for the School Uniform so that the school always have a good supply
This year’s committee post holders are: 
  • Rachel Trott- Chair
  • Laura Francis and Nicola Dutton - Vice Chairs
  • Georgina Folland - Treasurer
  • Sarah Pead - Secretary

If you would like more information, or would like to volunteer to help at any of our events please contact us through the school office.
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