Welcome to Pippin Class

At Curry Rivel Primary School we strongly believe that children learn best from experiences which are suitable for their stage of development. In the Foundation Stage, children need opportunities to choose their own activities, to explore and experiment, to enjoy learning and to be successful. A carefully structured, well resourced, exciting and practical approach provides a good quality learning environment for young children. Our aim is to create independent, confident, enthusiastic and most importantly happy learners.

The children in Pippin Class are taught by Miss Yarde and supported by Ms Shaw
Spring term part 2!
What a lovely, busy first week back. The children have been making delicious pancakes this week as we learnt all about pancake day and lent. We discussed the importance of washing hands and our choice of toppings, the chocolate sauce was a definite treat! 
The topic this term is “Not every superhero wears a cape” The children have decided a hero is someone who is kind, helpful and brave. We have created our special heroes in our own life and will continue the term by looking at hero’s in our community. We will be having special visits from professionals to discuss how they help us. 
The vet role play has been very popular as the children ‘save’ all the poorly animals. 
Our literacy will be focused on the stories, ‘George saves the world by lunch time’ and ‘Michael recycle’ as we discover the importance to look after our world and be environmental hero’s.