Curry Rivel Foundation Stage - "Active learning through exploration and play."
At Curry Rivel Foundation Stage we believe that children learn best through play, exploration and sensory hands on activities that engage children in what they are learning. We aim to provide a supportive, friendly, bright and stimulating learning environment which gives children the freedom to explore using all their senses to engage with the learning activities on offer.  This leads to a clear and smooth transition from our nursery which is based around the same principles.  This "play based" approach is then extended into KS1.  
Further details of our curriculum can be found on each class page and in the half termly letter sent out by each class teacher. 

At Curry Rivel Primary School, we  follow the Government's statutory guidance with a creative approach to curriculum delivery. Our aim is to engage and inspire every child by making the curriculum enjoyable as well as informative and skills based. The school has a three year rolling programme which ensures that every child will cover the knowledge required and develop the skills according to their abilities.  RE and PE are taught as 'stand-alone' subjects.  Educational visits and visitors to school enable us to provide real opportunities to reinforce learning, widen horizons, develop new skills and engage in new experiences.  Homework projects are linked to the curriculum themes to encourage children to broaden and deepen their knowledge through independent tasks and research. 


Further details of our curriculum can be found on each class page and in the half termly letter sent out by each class teacher.

Phonics and Reading
At Curry Rivel Primary we aim to support children to become confident, fluent and independent readers with a love a books that will last a lifetime. We will achieve this through:
  •  Developing a whole school approach to phonics teaching.
  •  Following the DfE recommended scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’ in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Motivating and engaging pupils to develop as confident, successful readers and writers. We want to create creative thinkers and learners and believe talk for writing supports this goal.
  • Supporting pupils who are working below age related expectations in reading
Religious Education
At Curry Rivel Primary we recognise that understanding different religions has an important part to play in a child's all-round development. We follow the Somerset Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education as well as referring to that produced by the Diocesan Education Authority. Lessons reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are mainly Christian, but also take account of the teachings and practices of the other principle religions.