Welcome to Camelot Class

Camelot Class is a year 4 and 5 class taught by Mr Bridgeman and supported by Mrs Taylor.
 All of our learning happens through a topic based curriculum.


We hope that you enjoy sharing our successes and celebrating our achievements with us.


This term, our topic is 'Romans Rule'. We kicked off this topic with a fantastic WOW day to inspire the children and encourage them to be curious and fascinated with our new topic. Throughout the term, we will be learning about the spread of the Roman Empire, the Roman Roads, Boudicca’s Rebellion and the impact that the Romans had on modern day Britain. 


The children start each day in Camelot Class with a Maths challenge; this challenge encourages problem solving, reasoning and thinking outside the box. This always provides a fantastic opportunity for the children to share their understanding and thought processes with their peers. Across the term, we will be learning about area and perimeter, fractions and decimals in Maths.


In English, the children are currently working towards writing their own story based on ‘Escape from Pompeii.’ This has been fantastic for the children to demonstrate their extraordinary range of descriptive vocabulary as well as their brilliant imaginations. 


Throughout the week in Camelot Class, the children take part in a carousel of reading activities. These include comprehension, quiet reading and a  challenge about a book they have recently read.


We will also continue learning PE, French, Music, Science, Art, DT and RE.