Autumn term 2019

Autumn 1 - Homes and Houses! 
This half term, the children will be learning about labels, lists, capital letters, nouns, adjectives and the components of writing a sentence (capital letter, finger spaces and full stops). Many of their learning activities will be linked to stories that are linked to the topic. The children will also look at how to write instructions and this will include learning about time conjunctions. 
The children will be focusing on the place value (size) of numbers up to 10 and learning how to compare and order objects and number using > (greater than), < (less than) and the = (equals) symbols. The children will learn about the + symbol and explore making all the numbers up to 10 in many different ways. Children will initially practise a new skill before looking at problems that require them to 'think outside the box'. These problems will allow the children to show that they really understand a concept and will develop their reasoning skills. 
Over the half term, we will look at types of houses, explore different materials and learn about The Great Fire of London. The children will also have weekly art/D.T activities that will allow them to develop cutting and drawing skills. 
We follow the AMV (Awareness, Mystery and Value) RE syllabus and this term we will be exploring the following question: 'What do Jewish people believe about the Torah?'
The children will be having an hour of music with Mrs Patterson this half term.