Welcome to Little Pips

Telephone number 01458 252822
At Curry Rivel Foundation stage we believe that children learn best through play and exploration. Children in Little Pips are given opportunities to make choices, explore their senses and experiment in an exciting and fun environment.
We value play as young children's work and all of our learning is based upon each individual child's needs and interests.
 We  offer parents the opportunity to access extra hours with us here at Little Pips.  We have a breakfast session - opening at 7.45am and after 3pm parents can add on additional hours in half an hour blocks up until 5.30pm. We will also be open for 50 weeks of the year. For further information call 01458 252822 or email hwestlake@educ.somerset.gov.uk
Every Thursday , Little Pips will be hosting a Carer and Toddler group in the school hall from 9.30am to 11.00am - for more information contact Little Pips direct