Forest school learning Spring 2020

January 2020
Over the next 6 weeks, Maigold class are having forest school every Monday afternoon. To link to our superhero topic, the children are going to be learning about some 'real life' superheroes. They are going to be learning about some famous explorers and the skills they needed to undertake their amazing achievements! 
Session 1: Who is Sir Edmund Hillary? 
Prior to the forest school session, the children learnt about Sir Edmund Hillary's life and about his famous climb to the top of Mount Everest. The children learnt about the different camps that he and other mountaineers would have stopped and rested in. In forest school, Miss Wilde gave the children a list of objects that they would need in their camp. The children then had to work together in groups and use their imagination to find all these objects in the forest school area and create their own base camp. 
Session 2: Map skills!
On Monday the 20th January, we went on a welly walk around the roads and fields close to Curry Rivel School. The children had a map showing a 'satellite, aerial view' of the route we took. Half way around the route, we found an old oak tree and the children had an opportunity to see what other things they could find in the field and this included lots of stump and branch climbing! 
Session 3
This week the children continued to work on their map skills. The children were given an aerial drawing of the school playground, fields and forest school area. Miss Wilde had hidden numbers in the area and the children had to find them and then mark on the map where they thought the number was hidden!