Welcome to Blenheim Class

Welcome to Blenheim Class.


We are a Year 5 and 6 class, taught by Miss Tucker and supported by Mrs Slade and Miss Steer.  In Blenheim Class, we are really proud of our learning and of our excellent commitment. We work to be the best role models and caring citizens that we can be.


We hope that you enjoy looking at our achievements, which we will be sharing and celebrating over the year.


This term, in Blenheim Class, our topic is 'Romans' Rule'. (We have discussed how Romans' Rule is the rule belonging to the Romans and that Romans Rule implies that they are the best to learn about!) Following a successful WOW Day to launch our learning, we will be learning about Roman chronology, Roman life and about the impact that they have had on modern-day Britain.


At the start of each day in school, we will develop our number fluency skills and our ability to reason in maths. In maths this term, we will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages before moving on to statistics. Year 6 will also learn more about algebra, ratio and proportion. In English, we will spend time each day developing our descriptive writing, sentence structure and use of vocabulary. This term, we will deepen our skills when writing narratives and then learn about writing newspaper articles.


Throughout the term, we will continue our science, French, P.E., ICT and R.E. learning.